Docteur Gustavo Claveria

Dr. Gustavo Claveria is a qualified surgeon, graduated from the French National Medical Association Council (No. 75 1 939 349) in Plastic, Reconstructive surgery and Aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Claveria takes the time to advise you, but he also considers as a matter of principle to perform blameless medical ethics.

After beginning his studies in Medicine and General and Plastic Surgery in Argentina, his native country, Dr. Gustavo Claveria followed a course in a Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery department with a high reputation in Europe.

He was chief resident in Geneva (Switzerland) in the Cantonal University Hospital.
Subsequently he completed his knowledge through many years as chief resident in France and especially in Paris (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Hospital Saint Louis, Department of Craniofacial Pediatric Surgery at the Necker Hospital).

Dr. Claveria keeps practicing a hospital activity in Seine et Marne in the Repairing (Bariatric Surgery) Plastic Surgery Department.

Concerning his scientific background, you will find his name involved in many projects. In fact, he is the author of publications, scientific articles and lectures internationally recognized.

Dr. Claveria proposes all new techniques in Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

Thanks to his international experience, he will provide a clear and professional response to your requests.